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The ensemble of LUX - Theater des Moments,

founded in December 2006, is dedicated to spontaneous theater.
The actors develop their scenes under the eyes of the public - without preliminary staging.
For many people the spontaneity and immediacy is the reason for their fascination for the improvisational theatre. Whether it is a matter of tragic, touching or just funny scenes - they are all developed at the very moment.

Our offers

Improvised Show

Inspired by your company's activities, congress or conference events and the audience's ideas, the actors from LUX - Theater des Moments create an explosion of funny short scenes, stories and songs from scratch.
In order to do that, the actors must inform themselves beforehand and may participate secretly in the conference or congress.
They observe the guests and will carry some elements of the reception on stage in a surprisingly and humorously way.
The musical accompaniment complements the improvised show - not only for the scenes, but also for songs or even operas precisely aligned on your subject.

Animation of events and evening performance

La modératrice ou le modérateur de Lux – Theater des Moments anime votre manifestation de très charmante
façon, avec humour et maîtrise. Elle ou il établit un contact personnel avec le public, garde en vue le thème et
le temps, et veille à ce que les personnes présentes sur la scène se sentent bien. Nos modérateurs écoutent bien
et valorisent chaque interlocuteur. Ils maîtrisent avec aisance des situations imprévues ou des petites pannes…
Chacun des invités et des participants repart chez soi avec un sourire et en ayant appris quelque chose de
nouveau au cours de la soirée.


We already played for these clients.


Your contact for any communication in English and French
or bilingual conversations of Lux – Theater des Moments is:

Maja Mommert

phone 0049 170 3875 429

Talk to or write her in French, German or English. 
Looking forward to playing for you!
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